UKE-Liquid-FlavorsElectronic cigarettes have hit the marketplace like a storm in the springtime – a welcome change of climate, but with a perhaps indefinite outcome. These devices that mimic tobacco smoking, but in a much less harmful way, have started to give tobacco cigarettes a run for their money.

The electronic cigarette contains a small amount of a glycol liquid that is heated by a battery charged atomizer that changes the liquid into a vapor, that mimics tobacco smoke. It can be inhaled and exhaled, just like the real thing, although it is really just water vapor, for the most part.

The e cigs can also be supplied with different flavorings from fruity flavors to mint, peppermint and menthol. Nicotine can also be added in proportion to a similar strength found in regular cigarette brands.

The advantage of electronic cigarettes is that the vapor is very safe as compared to tobacco smoke which has been proven to contain over 200 chemicals that are carcinogenic (cancer causing) as well as containing cyanide and arsenic. Tobacco smoke also coats the inside of the lungs with a thick black tar that kills the alveoli, the tiny oxygen exchange mechanisms of the lungs.

Even though nicotine is not the best thing for us either, it is a whole lot better than the effects of the tobacco smoke itself. The fact that it is possible to place nearly any kind of substance in the electronic cigarettes in place of the flavorings, or along with them, gives rise to speculation about harmful substances such as illegal drugs being added to the mix.

There is talk from all jurisdictions from all over the world that the e cigarettes need to be regulated in order to prevent harmful substances from being placed in them. The other side of the coin on that issue is that merely legislating regulations to restrict illicit drugs from being included in the e cigs, won’t necessarily stop that, do the argument continues on that issue.

When properly used, it is fairly certain that the e cigarette and e-liquid can be a very helpful device to help people quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. A person can get the nicotine strength to a level that is similar to this tobacco brand, and take it from there. Many have done that, and tapered down the nicotine level to the point of non-existence, and used the e-cigs as the means of doing so.

Time will tell on how effective legislation, if any, will be on curtailing objectionable substances from being injected into these devices.