Every year thousands of people from all over the world gather at music festivals all over the globe and celebrate all the different styles of music, from pop to rock, classical to dance, you name it and there is more than likely a festival for it!

In the UK the majority of the festivals take place in the summer months over a 3-4 day period, some people come round around the country and in some cases from around the world and camp over at the festivals. Each day they have a headlining act that will take to the stage last after a day of music from numerous other well known acts. Festivals are also a great place to catch a performance from the next up and coming bands, with many performing on the smaller stages. Many organisers use a professional stage rental company.

As well as the big festivals throughout the year there are also small music events, from small local town events to city events, and also tours to the larger cities. Music is one of the biggest elements that brings people from all over the globe. On this site you can find out about some of the biggest festivals in the UK, what to expect from them, which one is best for you and a few tips for your festival survival pack!

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